The ÓDA brand, founded in 2023 by Ukrainian photographer and owner of the School of Content Arts, Ksenia Maneken, embodies not only beauty in its creations but also a sense of true harmony with one's own body.

"The concept of establishing my own brand didn't occur to me immediately.I've always had this dream of coming across a jumpsuit that not only looks chic but also flatters my body shape perfectly," shares Ksenia.

The ÓDA jumpsuit, due to corset details reinforced with stabilizing mesh, allows for a significant waist reduction and accentuates beautiful feminine curves. Moreover, the jumpsuit's design enables effortless breathing and comfortable movement.

The ÓDA brand is created for every woman to feel like a goddess and be an ode to herself. Ultimately, we are all unique; the key is to find harmony and choose clothing in which you feel confident in your beauty.